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Nipple Fucking Hentai: Two Cocks on Two Nipples

Mrs. Incredible felt an intense pleasure as two cocks grazed her nipples, sending a thrill of ecstasy through her body. She had never experienced such pleasure before, and it was even more intense when the two cocks started to massage her nipples even harder. She moaned in pleasure as her nipples became harder and more sensitive with each stroke.

The two cocks were her fans, and they wanted to give her the ultimate threesome experience. She felt both their cocks move around her nipples, and their tongues licking and teasing each and every part of them. She shivered in pleasure as their tongues explored her nipples, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body.

Mrs. Incredible’s nipples were now hard as rocks, and she could feel her orgasm rising within her. She felt her whole body tense as the orgasm started to take over, and she cried out in pleasure as the two cocks worked her nipples even harder. Her orgasm was intense and powerful, and she felt a wave of pleasure wash over her body.

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